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Writing on Beach
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Transform your relationship with yourself.

Writing on Beach
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   Mindset and Travel Coaching

Is Mindset Coaching for Me? 

YES - When you go through this program, you will gain increased confidence; you will understand how to shift your mindset at any time; you will go from being frustrated, overwhelmed and sometimes happy to being a happy and confident person who sometimes gets frustrated and overwhelmed. Plus, you will learn how to create the results you desire.




If you are doing any of the below actions, then this coaching program is for you. 

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Hi, I'm Christine!


What I have learned is that when we manage our thinking and only believe the thoughts that serve us, we then feel in a way that doesn’t create the action of OVER....ING.

The tools I have learned and want to share with you will help you manage your thinking. I will teach you that when you think a certain thought, it makes you feel a certain way, and when you feel a certain way, you do or don’t do what you want, and when you take that action or inaction you end up creating the results you have in your life.

By the Lake

~ Do you spend a lot of time complaining? 

~ Do you verbally beat up on yourself? On others?

~ Does nothing seem to go right for you? 

~ Do you question if you drink too much? 

~ Do you hate your body image or how much you weigh? 

~ Are you living paycheck to paycheck? 

~ Do you feel surrounded by clutter?

~ Do you question your path in life?

~ Do you let fear and anxiety keep you from what you want? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions ~ Mindset Coaching is for you. 

Our life is not about the external circumstances.

Our life is about the internal components; mindset, attitude, thoughts, beliefs. 

Our purpose in life is to practice daily personal development so that we show up in life as the person we were meant to be. 

Don't let outside circumstances dictate how you show up in life. 

Develop yourself so that you become the person you need to be in order to create the life you were meant to live. 

Enjoying Outdoor

Finally Connecting The Dots

When you finally connect the dots and learn to manage your thoughts, along with learning to choose which thoughts to believe ~ you will feel exactly how you want to feel; which will cause you to act the way you want to act; which will create the results you want in life. 

Bringing positive energy into our world and teaching people how to celebrate their wins has become my mission.

My coaching program focuses on mindsets; I provide people with the encouragement and tools to raise themselves out of a funk. 

Included in the program:

One on One Coaching
Learn to Coach Yourself
Email Coaching
Daily Inspiration
Workbook for Monthly Topic
Gratitude Journal
Success Journal

And so much more! 

Join the monthly coaching program today! 

Let's Celebrate All Wins Together! 

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Let's Celebrate All Wins Together!

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