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Writing on Beach
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Transform your relationship with yourself.

Writing on Beach
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Mindset and Life Coaching

Why You Need a Mindset Coach

Circumstances in our lives trigger our thoughts; those thoughts make us feel; those feelings drive our actions; and our actions create the results in our lives. If the actions you take look like any of the below items, then my coaching program is for you. 

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Manage your Mind

Hi, I'm Christine!


What I have learned is that when we manage our thinking and only believe the thoughts that serve us, we will then feel in a way that doesn’t create the action of OVER....ING.

The tools I have learned and want to share with you will help you manage your thinking on your own. I will teach you that when you think a certain thought, it makes you feel a certain way, and when you feel a certain way, you do or don’t do what you want, and when you take that action or inaction you end up creating the results you have in your life.

By the Lake

Have you gotten into the habit of criticizing yourself for the things that you are doing or aren't doing. Are you constantly beating yourself up? When that happens, do you then turn to some form of relief to give yourself a break? (Eating, Drinking....)

Mindset Coaching will help you quiet that inner critic. 

Where you need to connect the dots is, your thinking is causing you to feel the way you are feeling and to do the things that you are doing, and until you learn to manage your thinking, you'll always turn to OVER...ING.

Enjoying Outdoor

Finally Connecting The Dots

When you finally connect the dots and learn to manage your thoughts, along with learning to choose which thoughts to believe, you can feel exactly how you want to feel, which will cause you to act the way you want to act, which creates the results you want in your life. 

Helping people to STOP OVER...ING has become my mission.

My coaching focuses on mindsets; and I have a proven tool that will solve any problem.

Join my monthly coaching program today. 

Let's Celebrate All Wins Together! 

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