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I struggled with managing my thinking for years, and because my thinking is what created my feelings, I spent years in my pursuit of blocking out my feelings by:

  • Over Eating

  • Over Thinking

  • Over Drinking

  • Over Pleasing

  • Over Spending

  • Over Criticizing

  • Over Complaining

  • Over ......

What I finally figured out, and what I can help you with, is that we don’t need to do OVER, fill in the blank, ING to make ourselves feel a certain way. What I have learned is that if we manage our thinking and only believe the thoughts that serve us, we will then feel in a way that doesn’t create the action of OVER....ING.

The tools I have learned and want to share with you will help you manage your thinking on your own. I will teach you that when you think a certain thought, it makes you feel a certain way, and when you feel a certain way you do or don’t do certain things, and when you do or don’t do certain things you end up creating the results you have in your life.

One of my biggest struggles was that I would try to control other people’s thoughts about me by trying to do things to please them, and then when I didn’t “think” that they were pleased, or better yet, when I “thought” I was a disappointment, or I wasn’t good enough, or that I was a “bad” person, or ... it would make me feel things that I didn’t want to feel, so I would turn to OVER, fill in the blank, ING to try to avoid my feelings.

Where I didn’t connect the dots was that my thinking was causing me to feel the way I did, and until I learned to manage my thinking, I was always turning to OVER....ING to try to drown out my feelings.

I’ve finally connected the dots and have learned that by managing my thoughts and choosing what thoughts to believe, I can feel exactly how I want to feel, which causes me to act in a way that creates the results I want in my life. By joining my program, I’ll show you how to connect the dots too.


- Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

- Life Coach Certification - The Life Coach School 

- Financial Coach Certification - Dave Ramsey Solutions

- Project Management Professional - Project Management Institute 

- Six Sigma Lean Professional - Management and Strategy Institute

Travel Experience: 

- Traveled to every state in the United States

- Traveled to 40+ Countries 

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