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Getting Started

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

This is where we learn Self Coaching. It contains the tools you will need to learn how to self coach and some additional resources to learn and question your thoughts. 

The Coaching Process

The Coaching Process

Remember: Circumstances in life happen; and then we have a thought about that circumstance, which creates a feeling, and from that feeling we take action or inaction, and those actions or inactions create the results we get in life.


3 stages of Awareness:


Stage 1 Unaware

  • Not knowing that we create the results in our lives

  • Not knowing that thoughts create our feelings

  • You’ll start to see what’s going on, but not able to catch it until afterwards  

  • You’ll start having awareness, but not changing it yet


Stage 2 Start seeing it when it is happening

  • Where change actually begins

  • You can’t stop it completely, but you can interrupt the model and pick a different action.​

  • This is where change starts happening


Stage 3 Intentional Living – you catch it at the Circumstance

  • Where we all want to live

  • When we have a circumstance, we sit back and think:

    • “How do I want to think about this”

      • Choose our thoughts on purpose

    • “How do I want to feel about this”

  • Live intentionally

Coaching Tools and Journaling

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