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Monthly Topics

Dessert Tray

Stop OverEATing

  • Lose weight  

  • Maintain a healthy weight

Stop OverCLUTTERing

  • Learn how to minimize

  • Manage clutter

  • Become more organized

Stylist Modern Study
Champaign Bottle and Glasses

Stop OverDRINKing

  • Enjoy the drinking but not the over drinking

Stop OverSPENDing

  • Manage your money

  • Learn how to get out of debt

  • Learn how to manage a budget

Pay Bills
Bad mood

Stop OverCOMPLAINing

  • Learn to enjoy the experience

  • Learn to let go

Stop OverSAVing

  • Learn to live from abundance

  • Learn to let go of scarcity thinking

Three Friends on the Street
Summer Fun

Stop OverPLANning

  • Learn how to stop procrastinating 

  • Learn to manage your time

Stop OverCRITICIZing

  • Learn to quiet your inner critique

  • Build self confidence

  • Learn to fill others buckets

Portrait in Yellow
Travel Diary

And More!

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